Stick war walkthrough

stick war walkthrough

Well this is a first but i need help with this game on this level. The giant comes after you very quickly across the field. Now i can get enough units. Walkthrough and strategy guide for the free flash game Stick War only on Description Hey this is quake beating the game Stick War, by the creators of Stick Page. Play it. Stick War 3 Chaos Juggerknights Speartons Stick War 2 Units Shadowrath. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Castle Swamp Desert Field Forest Gates. Oct 25, 2: LEVEL 12 FINAL LEVEL: BladedFire BinaryERROR Simsim40 Sagiratus TheRealJuiceBox Daltonwarrior Zalanum. Showing of 3. Take out those pesky Original mahjong You start off with 3 miners. When you have finally reached the 19 swordwrath, get the backup and smash the enemy statue. Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, and take control of one of. My personal best strategy for the final level is Full upgrades on Gold production from statue, fully upgrade every skill on the miner, swordsman, Archidons, and Giants. At this point it's likely you have used some of your upgrade points on increasing the which was wise because swordwrath are very strong up close and will slice your club men in half. Your giant will be the gamechanger here, as this giant has triple the health of a normal giant. You still gain money albeit at a very slow rateso when you have enough money buy a miner. You can only use these guys if you actually deployed a magikill. The best defence is offense so just build as many speartons as possible in the smallest amount of time then make one or two quiz europa länder and take control them pick off the miners one by one cutting them off from reinforcments them send the main force to destroy. If the gets a head shot on the swordwrath it's over; fi-tz shot one kill, with this they will quickly pay for themselves. This guy is a mage. Stick War 2 is one of the many action games that we feature. Recent blog posts Forum. Being a giant, he can afford to ignore any archidon arrows since its only going to be 6 health damage. Games Movies TV Wikis. Block against any thrown spears by pressing the Q button.

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Remember the ambush level? Meanwhile, the giant will smash either your guys at the front, or you, so it is very likely that all 7 swordwrath will survive this giant. Don't waste the swordwrath, you'll need them later. Another strategy is to go full on 'persian' archers and light on club men so that you take them out fast if you charge the archers will back up all of the club soldiers from a distance. He walks really slowly, but has a freaking high health. Level up your swordwrath's speed by 2 points. Although they are weak and pathetic they still serve a purpose, and don't worry I have a feeling you will be getting some swords soon enough!

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Stick War Legacy: Final Level on Insane! (Alpha 0.95) Take control and kill that first pesky using the zig zag technique you learned in stage 1. Get about 10 swordwrath, then get another miner, and work these two to death trying to get gold for your very first giant. Take control of your miner and just mine. The giant comes after you very quickly across the field. This is a great chance to play your units individually and try to pick off some of there miners, Because they have better units then you, and both sides are limited to the same number of units, which in short means: He can throw the spear and use a knife instead. To play even more games, head over to the 2d page, the battle page, the fantasy page, or just check out the all time best games page. stick war walkthrough

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Ein Stick War Walkthrough Video mit Lösungen, Tipps und Tricks um schwierige Level zu bestehen. Take control of one of them and kill all the minions the magikill will send your way I told you they were weak and kill the magikill. Sep 7, Eventually the giant will die. Finally, upgrade your miner's bag and swordwrath's speed by one level each. After awhile don't give up! A few hits on your statue and you are done, don't let him get close!